What do our clients say?

Mother of a 21 month old girl

Consuela’s consultation was more in depht than we expected.

She took the time to really listen to us. We like her academic approach, she is really knowledgable. We had to change our expectations a bit (how our daughter sleeps is not abnormal) and she could tell us that gently but direct, which we appreciated. We didn't even speak that much about sleep but more about how we could work on decreasing stress for our daughter and increase connection. It was more in depht than we expected and we learned a lot. It suprised us how it is all a piece of the puzzle and actually sleep is only a small part. Consuela knows a lot about sleep but also about development and relationship.

Father of a 6 month old boy

Consuela worked very gently yet professional

Consuela took her time to get to know the whole situation really well, she worked with us very gently yet very professional and she definitely knew what she was speaking about at all times.